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Trash & Recycling

The community trash/recycling pick up vendor is Champion Services Trash, recycling, and other items for collection may be placed curbside in appropriate containers after 7:00 pm, or dark, whichever occurs first, the evening before the day of scheduled pickup. Please remove containers from the curb the same day as trash pickup.


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  • Recycling 


  • Trash 

  • Yard waste

Holiday schedule

Please click here to view the holiday schedule from Champion.


All residents and visitors are required to adhere to the Vintage Place parking policies and regulations

  • Vehicles with a VP sticker OR a VP hanging tag may park in any "Resident" space.

  • Guest vehicles with no sticker or hanging tag should only park in a "Guest" space.

Because of the limited number of spaces in the community, all residents are encouraged to be courteous and to try not to park directly in front of other residents’ homes with the understanding that there are NO assigned parking spaces. Garage townhouse owners are encouraged to utilize their garage and driveway space whenever possible; and, if not possible, park in an overflow parking area.

If your car is towed due to violating the parking policies, please contact the cluster's towing vendor, JDR Towing, at 703-856-0270.

Landscaping & Snow

Blade Runners is in the community every week or so for mowing and seasonal needs of the community (e.g., mulching, trimming, snow removal). If you have questions about the landscaping or if you would like to help with landscaping issues, please contact the board at

Blade Runners will also remove snow from the street when warranted. In the wake of a large storm, please be neighborly and patient as many main roads will need to be cleared first. As a resident, shoveling the sidewalk in front of your home is your responsibility.

Community Information: List


Vintage Place is a beautiful but aging neighborhood with some immediate landscaping needs that need to be addressed. The most pressing issue our community is facing is community liability due to the property damage and hazards that certain common area trees pose. The zelkova trees along Vintage Place are creating sidewalk hazards due to their roots which are lifting up sidewalks. The little leaf linden trees on Vintage Place and Heritage Commons Way drip horrible sap which has caused property damage to a number of owners' vehicles. The Bradford pear trees along Vintage Place drop acidic berries which have also eaten through the paint on cars. These trees were planted when the neighborhood was developed back in the 1990s and need to be replaced.

These trees pose risk and liability to our neighborhood and we need to ensure the community remains safe and accessible for all residents. Back in March, 83% of residents polled voted to replace the trees in question. We have already received approval from Reston Association to have the zelkova trees along Vintage Place replaced. We are surveying owners again to confirm that the overwhelming majority of homeowners understand the issue and support the project.

Per RA guidelines and for our community aesthetics, the VP HOA is proposing that we replace the trees on the map with new trees, with trunks that are approximately 2-3" in diameter. We are hoping to replace the trees in October with eastern Ostrya virginiana); we had originally sought to replace the lindens with red oak trees, but our arborist has updated his recommendation to hophornbeams. They are low maintenance, they have beautiful canopies and we should expect to get 25-30 years out of them.

The tree replacement project will be paid for out of our community reserves, and we anticipate the cost to be between $25,000-42,000 depending on how many trees are replaced.

Tree Map_edited.png


Community Information: Forms & Documents
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